What hardly seemed real just a few years ago, might completely change the vacation concept in the future, in an environment-friendly way. Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels – the name speaks for itself – has a real business plan to make this possible.

In late April, the company has publicly announced its intention to cooperate with hotel businesses. The goal of the potential partnership would be the launch of the world’s first underwater luxury hotel.

Sounds almost too futuristic, but Planet Ocean actually sent its detailed business plan to the U.S. State and Treasury departments. The company’s founder Tony Webb is looking to get the permission to operate in Cuban waters.

He and his colleagues have already picked suitable locations not only for the hotels but also for a reef restoration mission. The 15 places are spread throughout the Pacific and Indian Oceans, as well as the Persian Gulf and the Caribbean.

According to the plans, hotels will be built 30 feet below sea level, offering wonderful views of the underwater life from windows. What about the benefits for the environment? Planet Ocean says it will spend 5 percent of the total cost and 10 percent of guest room proceeds to help protect the undersea ecosystem and coral reefs.

If the goal is accomplished, the rooms will have king-size beds, bathrooms, the Internet and, of course, huge windows. An elevator will link the surface to the hotel.

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