We live in the twenty first century and have images from satellites and spaceships, pointing that Earth is a sphere, in addition to tons of other evidence. Yet we still have people in our midst that  refuse to listen to scientists and common sense. They think that we all live on a flat plate or something like that.

Eric Dubay wrote a book, trying to expose the painful truth to those, who believe in a spherical Earth. Mr. Dubay found not one, not five, but two hundred ‘proofs’ that the Earth is not a ball that is spinning. He called it the biggest conspiracy of all time. Here’s some of his findings.

1. The horizon is always perfectly flat. Apparently, the only photos that show curve are fake images posted by NASA and other ‘government space agencies’.

2. The horizon always rises to the eye level of the observer, despite the altitude. If the Earth was a globe, you’d have to look down as you get higher.

3. And why doesn’t water wobble and hurdle. If the Earth is actually spinning through space. Instead, it is calm and consistent.

4. Our planet is definitely flat, because otherwise Mississippi and other rivers would flow uphill to reach the sea.

5. And helicopters would be able to just hover in place without moving, while waiting for their destination point to come to them as the Earth rotates.

6. The highest point of the 180-mile railway between London and Liverpool is only 240 feet above sea-level. How can it be this way, if Earth is flat? Curving 8 inches per mile squared, the railway would be an arc, raising over mile above Birmingham – the central point of the way.

7. If Earth isn’t flat, then why airline pilots don’t have to constantly adjust their altitude, so they wouldn’t fly off into space?

8. If we really do have billions and billions of stars, the night sky should be a uniform luminosity. Because there can’t be a point in the skyes, which starlight couldn’t reach.

9. Earth’s rotation would make it impossible for aeroplanes to get to their destinations, because of the 500 mph headwind.

10. If we fire bullets skywards, they should land somewhere hundreds of feet Westwards. They don’t, of course, because the Earth is flat.

Not enough to convince you? Think these and similar claims have long been refuted? Mr. Dubay still has 190 more proofs to back up his beliefs, and several other books on the matter. 

And remember!

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