Google plans to release its own ad blocker for Chrome in early 2018, referred to simply as ad filter. While it’s still not happening for many months, the company tells website owners to get ready. Google wants them to readjust their advertisement strategy and remove the most annoying ads from their pages.

The new ad filter will not completely rid the Internet of advertisements. It will assess websites to find if they have too many intrusive ads, and eliminate them. Say goodbye to these disruptive banners and autoplay videos. Others, more subtle, will still be displayed.

Google executives say that the new software will block even ads, owned or served by the company if pages do not follow ‘Chrome’s guidelines’.

The tech giant offers a tool that publishers can use to see if their web pages will meet the requirements. A group, named the Coalition for Better Ads, is working on analyzing unacceptable ads.

The group includes members of Google, Facebook, The Washington Post and others.

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