Apple will start its annual Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, June 5, in San Jose, California. Tech developers from all over the globe will arrive to take part in seminars and workshops with Apple engineers.

That’s hardly the primary goal of the conference, though, as the Cupertino guys traditionally use it to reveal their new software. Sometimes they also shed light on upcoming devices too. So here is what Apple fans and tech lovers should expect this time.

One of the bigger updates we should see on Monday will be an update to the mobile OS. It is expected to be unveiled ahead of the reveal of the next iPhone which will mark the ten-year anniversary of the device.

There’s not so much we know about the new version of the operation system. Rumor has it the update will bring changes to Apple’s digital assistant, known as Siri.

Some other updates will include the messaging services FaceTime and iMessage, as well as the digital payment system Apple Pay. iOS 11 might also feature a full-on dark mode to make people’s nighttime experience more comfortable.

It may also be adjusted to add additional functionality to the iPad lineup, similarly to the introduction of iOS 9 a couple years ago, when Apple presented split-screen modes to tablet users.

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