The Internet is built on targeted advertising. It’s a known fact we rarely bring up, but it’s been like this for many years. These websites that provide free information and other content – they all have tons of tracking systems, or cookies.

These systems monitor your activity online to come up with a unique ad that will follow you wherever you go. Companies make money from targeted advertising. It’s a gigantic business that generates billions of dollars every year.

Some websites are open about it, some aren’t. The truth is, it pays for almost everything people see on the Internet.

At WWDC, Apple announced something that could damage the traditionally accepted system. The next version of Safari – Apple’s web browser – will come with a new anti-tracking tool. It will analyze and ultimately block any third-party ad trackers online. Apple reps call this tool a new way to ‘protect your privacy’.

Around 30 percent of people who surf the web use Safari. That’s why it’s such a groundbreaking decision.

iOS 9 already pulled off something like that, when it was released. Safari allowed people to block ads, which kind of raised concerns about the future of mobile browsing. This latest announcement is expected to make the same impact.

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