The original Amazon Echo is a great device, capable of doing lots of things you can ask for. It can play your music from streaming services, answer questions, read news or audiobooks, give a heads up on traffic and weather etc.

The intelligent personal assistant inside the device – Alexa is her name – can also control your smart lights, fans, doors, switches, locks, and always gets smarter thanks to constant updates. This little thing was so great that Google launched its own product – Google Home – aimed to rival Echo in a battle for people’s living rooms and kitchens.

Amazon had been expected to announce a new version of the Echo for a long time. So it did – meet the new screen based Echo Show. It hasn’t lost any of its predecessor’s functions, and has a few great new tricks up its sleeve. In a nutshell, the Show a cube-shaped Echo with a built in camera and a 7 inch screen. You can still ask it to do a thousand of things from across the room – man, the far-field voice recognition is amazing!


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